Tattoo Collaboration

Tattoo collaboration kind of by three  tattoo artist and one client. Last week we had a spontaneous collab where the 3 of us got the chance to tattoo this brave client. Brian is Endre’s client. He is extraordinary as he sat for 2 days in a row. First day Endre tattooed a huge skull on his shin also Evi refreshed and old Lotus on the upper arm. On the second day Endre tattooed Brian on his knee bend, Evi tattooed the upper inner arm and Vivi on the ankle where the achilles is.

We never ever had this opportunity, to tattoo one client in the same time by the 3 of us. It is not like a real tattoo collaboration, but still, it was a co-work.

We had loads of fun, trying to disturb Brian’s pain with snapchat hello kitty selfies but I don’t think he feels any 🙂 I must say all my respect to this guy.


If you are brave enough like this guy was, do not hesitate to send us an email or facebook message.

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