Hi Folks, Hope everyone’s having a wonderful day so far. Today we’d like to tell you about our Tattoo machine history.

Last week, when we had a quiet day in the tattoo studio, we started to talk about how our machines, NOT GUNS are working and in 5 minutes we had everyone’s old machines out from the cupboard.

It was a real fun to see all your tattoo machines in one place. It also brought back sweet memories of everyones early beginning of the tattoo industry. Then story followed after story. We got to know each others past more, with good vibes and laughs. We had a look how Endre’s old coil machines work , (even Evi and Vivi setted up one , and it was a small challenge and now we use rotary machines so far with needle cartridges).

In the end we had Swashdrive, Bishop, FKiron, Cheyenne ,Turanium, Stigma, Hoodlum from ebay, hahaaha (and others goodies ) As you you see all of us has Cheyenne Thunder between our “Evolution” It’s a quiet handy small engine.

As most of you know and saw it already Endre’s using Turanium’s machine : at the moment he is trying out the Turanium’s new pen. It does work how it’s supposed to  :)Before he used Turanium Pulsar for long.

Evi’s using Cheyenne Thunder with Cheyenne grip. She started with coils and later she used Turanium too. Cheyenne does a great job either on lines but Thunder succeeds when it comes to pack colour tattoos too .

Vivi just had her new “toy” arrived , a brand new Spectra Xion , which looks like a pretty clever machine so far. On the beginning she used Bishop tattoo machines with long needles, than Cheyenne with needle cartridges.

Soon you’ll have some info about George preferences ,too 🙂 But just a small spoiler : He does have a brand what everyone has 🙂

If you have any questions regarding some tattoo machines, we are more than happy to answer. 🙂 https://business.google.com/posts/l/13567170793372627450


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