Big North Tattoo Show

Here we go again!

Spring is here, and if its spring definitely it’s a busy period for tattoo artists. Of course you can find many tattoo conventions across the UK all year round. But the best UK shows are held spring time.

So this weekend 28-29 April Endre and Evi are going to tattoo on The Big North Total Tattoo Show in Newcastle. It will be 2 days fun, entertainment, amazing artists, and loads of more. To be honest, this will be the firs time that they go for this convention. Therefore they don’t know much about it but heard many good reviews from other artist last year.

Endre will tattoo a guy called Jonathan, he tattooed him a Sadhu monk last year on the London convention in September, and he will add an other to this leg piece. I have

to tell you that this guy is amazing, i mean he really sits like a rock for hours and hours without asking for any numbing cream. He is a beast!!! For this reason Endre will tattoo him for 2 days in a row.



Evi will do an interesting portrait for Steve, who is a well know collector. So far 32 tattoo artists worked on his skin. Like: Endre, Alex Moro, Ryan Evans, Jordan Croke, Steve Butcher, Max Pniewski, Szidi, and so on. Evi tattooed him once already. She did a gap filler skull on the left feet on the ankle.  Her sunday is still free. But don’t worry, she will prepare with some cute and cool neotrad designs, in case some one will be in a mood to get tattooed right away on the sunday.

Please if you are a tattoo fun, come and have a look around. This is a good place to meet and ask questions from artists, chat with them, watch them. Also to collect ideas, and build connection.

Follow us on facebook, TattooEnd, where we try to keep you updated with photos, or live videos. But if you will be there, than see you on the weekend!!!

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